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MEET OkoCNella!

Hello! I'm Oko C. Nella. I wear a fez. My mission is to deliver the highest quality of Low-Sodium, Gluten-Free gaming though the power of indie games, retro games, cult classics, and brunch. But most likely you'll find me playing a metriodvania, a rougelike, an immersive sim, or something that combines all three. Our community does our best to bring out the best out of each other, whether that means giving a digital hug or some words of encouragement.


An Interview with OkoCNella

1. How did you get started streaming?

“Before I started streaming on a regular basis, I did a single FTL stream. It was okay. Later on in the fall of 2016 I started to challenge myself with a weekly 3D modeling show. The goal was to do one 3D model a week within a 3 hour block. That eventually led me to doing more games on stream, followed by eating brunch on stream, followed by eventually wearing a chicken outfit while playing Angry Birds on stream..”

2. What is one thing that makes your community unique?

“We're quite eclectic in our tastes in games, music, and coffee. That means anyone has something awesome to bring to our little digital cafe.”

3. If you could date any video game character, who would it be?

“Elane Marley from the Monkey Island Series”

4. What game is your pick for game of the year?

“Ohh, that's a toughie. But I'm going with BaBa is you for this one. Second is PikuNiku."

5. What is your favorite thing about the Twitch St Louis Community?

“Having that support group that's closeby. For reals, being able to talk Twitch to people in person is much easier with the St. Louis group. Also it's only 3 hours away and gives us a reason to drive up three times a year.."